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About Us

Amberlyn Faux, was created to empower women by giving your make up looks an extra POP! We are women that support all types of women no matter gender or race.  Amberlyn Faux, came to mind back in high school. Originally wanted to do a fashion line and as I got older I realized that I loved wearing faux lashes. I tried getting lash extensions done in the past, but the glue bothered me a lot. Faux lash strips easily became an everyday thing for me.  If you would like to join or be apart of the Amberlyn Faux community please send us a detailed message.

Lash Facts 

  • They're perfect for any occasion

  • Falsies come in a variety of shapes and sizes

  • Believe it or not, they can help to strengthen your natural lashes

  • They can enhance any look in seconds

  • Supposedly, they were invented by a film director

  • They were made mainstream by Max Factor

  • Madonna once wore a pair worth $10,000

Who: About Us
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